Pinched Me Bird

Tiny Blooddrop sale

As I straighten my perfume collection admist posting BPAL, I thought my Bloodrop needed some love to.
Swaps welcome (Always looking for Yellow Egg + can be tempted by Alpine Strawberry, Whinnies, Yellow Snow and ones of a similar vein.)
Based in the UK, so UK shipping is $5/Elsewhere $8

Blooddrop Bottles- $10 ea.
Fly (TOL)                                                                      Gala Apple (full)   
Resplendent Quetzal (TOL)                                          Cherry Almond (full)   

Blood drop decants -$2 each
Apple Crumble                                                             Anjou Pear (80%)                                      Brownie                                                                       Cappuccino
Carnation                                                                    Cavity Creeps                                            Green Egg                                                                  How About Them Apples
Minx (original)                                                            Peppermint Hot chocolate                    
Pink Egg

Last chance to add decants onto your Blooddrop order

I'm beginning decanting, so once it's complete, no more decants of the current round of Halloween scents will be made.

You can find the list here:

All news is in the main community page, tagged as 'Blooddrop Halloween 2014.'

If you haven't paid, please do so.

For those on Ominous and White, the general consensus is wait, so I'll be shipping the two bottles with Round 2. If you decide you don't want anything from the second round, I will ship your lone decants on the house as a courtesy ^^ (applicable only to those already signed up).

Blooddrop in my little paws!

But I'm swamped and will not be decanting until at least this weekend, though it's most likely shipping won't happen until the following weekend (10/24 or 10/25).

White and Ominous weren't ordered in time to go with this shipping batch, so if you're on those bottles, please contact me with whether you would like to:
A. Bump up the cost of the decants to cover the shipping.
B. Wait until they come in- based on those I've talked to, this will be with the next Autumn update.

If B, do you want me to ship your other items first, or wait until the full order is in?