December 24th, 2015

Pinched Me Bird

Tiny Blooddrop sale

As I straighten my perfume collection admist posting BPAL, I thought my Bloodrop needed some love to.
Swaps welcome (Always looking for Yellow Egg + can be tempted by Alpine Strawberry, Whinnies, Yellow Snow and ones of a similar vein.)
Based in the UK, so UK shipping is $5/Elsewhere $8

Blooddrop Bottles- $10 ea.
Fly (TOL)                                                                      Gala Apple (full)   
Resplendent Quetzal (TOL)                                          Cherry Almond (full)   

Blood drop decants -$2 each
Apple Crumble                                                             Anjou Pear (80%)                                      Brownie                                                                       Cappuccino
Carnation                                                                    Cavity Creeps                                            Green Egg                                                                  How About Them Apples
Minx (original)                                                            Peppermint Hot chocolate                    
Pink Egg