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Autumn Simplicities review

Australian Sandalwood
Disclaimer: I am not a lover of sandalwood, and the feeling is mutual--I don't think I've

successfully worn anything with sandalwood in it.

Bottle: Slightly sour, slightly sweet wood...reminds me of (well, sandalwood, though a

little more sweet than most) the paint aisle in a nice art store.

Skin: Dear paint thinner, you are coming off NAO.

Bourbon Vanilla
Wet: Sweet, moist, dark vanilla pod being split open. As it dries, the SWEET mellows and

takes on a touch of dark floral.

Bottle: Brownie mix that you're just beginning to add the liquid to.
Skin: Same as the bottle. Foodies, you will enjoy this.

Note: So I derped and tested this a little too close to the bourbon vanilla. If you want a

crazy foody experience, layer the bourbon vallia with the brownie--the bourbon vanilla's

darkness enhances the brownie sweet, but somehow makes it more wearable than straight up


Bottle: A cappicino so rich that it's almost buttery.
Skin: Sweet cappucino; it reminds me of these delicious crispy wafers with a coffee


Bottle: Wet, burnt wood. Let wet than L'Estintore though, for those who've tried that.
Skin: Moist wood and charcoal; it's rather like a cologne with a touch of the black part of

burnt wood. It's strangely attractive.

Chocolate Apple Cider Doughnut
skin: This year's bottle is a flippin' gorgeous cider, rich and apply with just a touch of

sweetness; it's not a 'thin' as ciders from other years. There's a touch of chocolate...I

think that's what's giving it its body, rather than it being a 'glaze' smell like other

years. This is my favorite year.

Cidre Doux Epice (Spiced Hard Cider)
Smells like a cider that's a cross between tart granny smiths, sweet-tart pink ladies, and

strangely fleshy like a red delicious. It actually makes me think of Somerset (sp?), a

Danish hard cider, minus the fizz and alcohol. plus some honey. SAdly, as it dries on me,

it rolls into some weird bubblegum toothpaste thing. BAD SKIN!

European Tobacco
Bottle: Um...wow. Deep, deep BROWN tobacco.
Skin: STrangely, it mellows out, and a middle note of almost...wheat comes out of this.

Jamaican Bay Rum
Bottle: o.O Erm...spiced wood?
Skin: Okay, call me crazy, but I get something herbally swished in orange juice (in the

best way possible).

Sweet, think, resinous...and cloying. On the skin, it gets even more resinous (though

slightly less sweet).

Pumpkin Porridge
Reminds me a lot of 8:30a.m., though less sweet. Warm, rich pumpkin and porridge with a

touch of sweetener (though if that's honey or the pumpkin's natural sweetness, I can't


Saddle Leather
Strangely, not as shrieking leather as I thought it would be (not a bad thing!). It's...if

cologne was raw leather? Or raw leather was cologne? I like it :D

Sueded Leather
Bottle: Soft, worn leather.
Skin: Soft, worn leather, with a touch of 'sweetness' that comes from suede. Gorgeous, and

I am trying to find reasons not to buy all of it (besides the fact I don't need that much


Sweet Clove
Strangely, this wasn't as strong as I thought it would be (and this is not at all a bad

thing). A faint, mellow clove.