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Big Sale at Blooddrop!

Good afternoon! I am unable to take down the sale prices and free shipping offer for a while (maybe late tonight?), so please enjoy them while they are still there! Here are the specials:
Today is the last day of Blooddrop's shelf clearance sale! As an added bonus, all US orders of $50 and up ship free (no coupon code needed)!

Select Bath Items are 30-60% off
Carry Alls are 20% off
Jewlery is 20% off
Premade Corsets are 50% off



Serious Business sale

Things have happened that have lit a fire under my toosh to sell. Sooooo...here's the list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SYAkpTw3xfyQuzv-88j3MZR7DMffoik8hAZ_qJD4PZY/edit?usp=sharing

Bottles are 10.00*fill unless stated. Also have Blooddrop non-perfume goodies listed as well.

  • Shipping starts at 3.90/U.S., 9.35 International

  • If the PO scares you, consider insurance or priority mail (which comes with 50.00 insurance)

  • At this point, there's nothing I really want to swap for except Flutter (Cranberry & Tea, Vanilla Ginger, or Neroli & White Peach Silken)


Going to start decanting today (and, depending on wrists, perhaps into tomorrow). If there's anything you wanted to add to your order, last chance!

New member - ISO "Barn Owl"!

Was pointed in the direction of this group by someone who suggested I might find what I'm after! I'm in the UK and willing to pay international shipping if anyone can help. Thanks for your time!
DEcant circle members: Will come in a ziplock baggie. Let me know.

~Blooddrop Free Shipping Special~

A little special for this week only (today through the 25th)! Free shipping for US customers on orders of $50 and up if you use coupon code SHIPSHIPHOORAY.

Also, the Cure tribute, Spring Simplicities, and the Musk Collection perfumes will be leaving June 1st!