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DISO Blooddrop Whinnies No.3

Paypal ready and have some swappables :) Thanks!!



Priority for domestics (5.50 for flat-rate, various for boxed. Quite a bit can go in those bubble envelopes!), turnaround 1 – 2 business days. I will hold orders for the next circle if you want.

Internationals start at 9.35 and are based on weight, turnaround up to two weeks for first-class. Priority or Express is 1 – 2 business days. I will hold orders for the next circle if you want.

These packages go through a lot of adventures on their way to you. Please purchase insurance if you’re concerned, as I am not responsible if one becomes a misadventure. All I can do is dress them for the occasion, but even swathes of bubble wrap has its limits.

Links to google docs because, er, I have too much text.


ISO Single Notes!

Helloooooo! Hopefully I am not breaking any rules @,@...Fully got into Blooddrop and a bit of the simplicities caught my eye! So, without further ado here is the list!

Himalayan Amber
Assam Black Tea
Coconut Cream
Spun sugar
Apple Cider Doughnuts
Maple Sugar
Vintage Patchouli
Wild Lavender
Pink Vanilla
Rice Milk
Green Tea
Pink Grapefruit
Bergamot Mint

Yeah.... if there was ever a Golden Lotus one, i'd love that too! Pm preferred but comments good too xe. Thank you!
The original release of the Disintegration scents was what got me into Blooddrop a few years back, and it remains one of my favorite LE releases ever from any company. I'm SO HAPPY to see them back and that the album is is now complete! I posted rough reviews of them here, but I thought I might dig out my bottles and samples and retest with a more developed nose and different ideas of what I like. :) I'll add the four that were previously left out when I get them, but I'm including placeholders with what I expect. ;)
It's opening time down on Fascination Street...Collapse )


Graveyard Dirt vs. Unhallowed Ground

Has anyone tried both Graveyard Dirt and Unhallowed Ground from the Autumn Simplicities collection?

Could you compare or review these two scent?

Many thanks!
@_@ have much to do tonight, but here's the bare bones: http://css-circles.livejournal.com/128273.html

Also: Do y'all prefer the jewelry or oils/products as freebies? Lately I've been putting in the shinies, since those are more fun, but if the majority prefer oils, we can switch back ^-^