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salonblooddrop's Journal

The LJ community for Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries

Le Salon Blooddrop
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All Members , Moderated
This community has been created for Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries as a petit public forum.
Soyez bienvenue to Blooddrop's online community! This journal is to serve as a place to talk about all things Blooddrop! You may review bath & perfume items and fragrances, talk about orders, ask for suggestions, imagine what outfit you're going to wear once your custom corset order has arrived, etc!

This is not the place for drama, insult or any sort of ill-behavior. I will not tolerate it. You'll get smacked upside the head and a pointy toe-ed boot out the door. Cordial critique is fine. This is not the place to post about problems or questions with your order. Email me directly. The people here cannot rectify you're problems. I can. You can post here if you are trying to contact me, but think your emails are not getting through.

Sales and trading of Blooddrop items is allowed! However, please do not link to sales in other journals. Thieves will be dealt with accordingly. I am not going to make any price caps, but please price your items reasonably. You may indicate "OBO" (or best offer) if you are not sure what you should charge for an item. You may also contact me if you are not sure what your item is worth. You may also make "wanted" posts and posts for group orders.

Long entries and large photos should be put behind a cut.

More to come as I think of it!